Starting out and clinic with Farah

Well here I am! I have decided to start a blog so that I can share training experiences and keep a record of my journey with horses.

On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of June we attended a clinic with Farah De johnette. We worked with a herd of horses on day 1,
day 2 I worked on liberty with Noo Noo, she did show off a bit when with another mare but was a good girl. We improved body language and it was good to work on focus away from home in driving rain!
Day 3 we did some great seat training which we then took forward to riding. I rode Carolyns lovely mare Lua.

24th Farah came to visit us at home and we started at liberty working on Noo Noo’s gas pedal and some more advanced leading from behind, which we had touched on in the clinic. We moved on to riding and did some great work on transitions into and out of trot in shoulder in. I also need to remember from the seat training to use my core and not collapse.

Great time having cream tea with friends as well.

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