Today was not a great experience for Noo noo,we went in the trailer to an indoor school and she was really tense and sweating when we arrived,its over 30degrees poss 50 inside the indoor arena.I had decided to see how she was and would normally do some liberty and ground work first to get the connection really strong between us ( however its been feeling like its just there lately)she was tense but came to the mounting block and stood perfectly.I know when shes not ready to ride and she seemed fine so I got on.As we went on she gradually got more tense and it seemed that no matter what I did she really wasn t listening,she was spooky and inattentive.We got some calmer moments but on the whole it felt wrong and nothing much seemed to help.We ended the lesson on some nice steps but it took a long time to get there.
Now I have had time to reflect and leave my horse to settle with some hay,I realise that when things go wrong you have to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.Step 1. ask myself why did things go wrong
Step 2. What can I learn from it.
Step 3. Accept that I failed,it feels horrid but won’t last.
Step 4. How do I move forward,what would I do differently.
Step 5. Acknowledge the things I did right and find the good things that came out of it.

I will always try to keep my glass half full and not allow self pity to come my way.
Step 1 I did not follow the right path of action.
I have learnt from step 2.I will take my horse to indoor arenas and do liberty, in hand then mounted if we are in agreement.
Step 3 yes I’ve imbraced failure and feel better for it as I know to accept it and move on is the right thing to do.
Step 4 I have already started moving forward as I have learnt from it (step 2).I should have got off my horse and gone back to liberty then in hand and reconnected with her and shown her good leadership.
step 5 I took control and did what was best for my horse when asked to do an exercise that I knew was not right for us at that time,the instructor was not to know and I could see why she would ask me to do it but I know my horse and mustn t be afraid to say whats best for us.
When we returned after a shower and cup of tea I went out to Noo noo and gave her a nice bath she greeted me warmly and gave that look when your horse looks right into you and I knew all was well.
I wasn t proud of how I rode her and didn t feel good afterwards but to get that feeling that my horse still really likes me and bears no grudge,got rid of the horrid feelings of failure.We are still heading in the right direction.A year and a half ago I would not have been able to catch her after something like this she would run away from me.
As I have often said she is an extraordinary horse,others have said extremely challanging and anyone else would have given up!!!.She teaches me something every day not always easy lessons that make you feel great but most likely things that are needed at the time.I also know that I must stay in the moment deal with the horse she is today not the one she was yesterday or may be in the futre thats the main lesson she reminded of today.

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