To train or not to train….

I always give Noo noo sunday off, I have karate in the morning and usually see the family,cook a roast dinner or end up farming. Monday is always lets get the week started, I have found that after a day off Noo noo expects me to,.. for want of a better description, ‘renew our vows’, I always start with spending time with her, next if she feels like a good groom we do that sometimes she is eager to get to work. This monday I was really busy all day but had a little time to do something with Noo noo, I had a lot going on in my head, it didn t feel right, I still had some feelings of uselessness. I realised that if my mind was on other things and I was feeling useless then most likely Noo noo’s focus would be elsewhere and she would agree with me on the useless thing!
I decided it would be far better to take it easy and not rush, have another day off and get myself back into gear.
This was deffinately the right choice, today I woke up feeling much more positive with ideas in my head about what we might do,Tuesday started as if it was Monday and turned out great I always keep an open mind and see how things develop, some of the challanges I was given by farah and Joyce came together.I also find when I am in the right mindset my horse is far more likely to be and I get more creative, thinking of new challanges for us. Horses take time to train and if we don t spend the time with them things won t magically happen with no effort but sometimes it is better to take a break.

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