A good end to the week.


Things are going really well, Kathie did her homework and the draw she has on her horse is great. The relationship is really developing. Its so much fun to observe and help ‘from the outside’ Its very different from working with my own horse and myself. We started some ground work in a cavesson this week and its interesting to see how the dynamics change when someone has ‘tools’. I put the emphasis on using the things they have developed at liberty in this work as well and talked about how they relate to riding. As soon as we have a rein in our hand we are tempted to use it. Sometimes we can start with some eye contact and energy toward a certain place on our horses body first, then bring in the rein aids. We also worked on the fact that Kathie doesn t need to touch Mini with the whip when she looses implusion or ‘stalls’ she can swish the air and have a feeling of sending some energy through the air with her whip. This worked really well.
Kathie is going to continue with all the realationship building and has a good book to read with Mini.
They are working on exercises at a standstill asking Mini to lower her head and bend left/right. Also playing with her balance to see how much weight she can take back before having to move.
Kathie is going to focus on big circles and when Mini falls across her she will move her shoulders to the outside and halt. When her balance goes too far forward and she rushes she is going to work on halts. Also half halts if she can get these working.
Really looking forward to next friday they have made such great progress this week.

The week ended with a great session with Noo noo, she had an extra day off yesterday due to granny duties. I started with no training plan, took my tack to the arena just in case and started doing nothing, while Noo noo was eating grass I noticed that she always had one eye on me. I started practicing my control of the lunge whip at the other end of the arena touching different bits of rubber and moving the sand. I then said hello to Noons and walked away, I turned to her with more ‘purpose’ and was going to ask her to bring her head up and give me her focus, before I could she read my mind and came over, she started to walk with me. We had some great fun working on trot, halt, trot. Moving away from me to a larger circle and coming back in then back out and Canter! Then we did some in hand work, nothing new here just working on her weight back and some trot on a circle in Haunches/in. Then we did some riding, I was working on my posture ,as always, really trying to feel a connection through our bodies, she gave me the best trot, felt so easy and happy! Still working on transitions in shoulder/in and some canter transitions, which were much more willing, at the moment when she gives me a nice transition into canter I let her decide how long she can canter for and I don t expect any more than that. I feel that it will evolve at its own pace as she gets stronger.

School holidays are here and my grandchildren are enjoying time with Tarquin, he comes out of retirement this time of year and is the perfect pony for kids. At 14hh he is a little large for a 5 and 3 yr old but his personality is everything. He works really hard teaching them about how ponies move their feet, which bits they like groomed and having horsey kisses. Here he even has charge of 18mnth old James as well.

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