Karate and Jo


This is a picture of Jo Hooper, with my dog who loves her , Buster.

The horses have had an easy week, last weekend we had guests Sensei Dave Hooper and his sister Jo. I could write about Dave who is an inspiration and gave us a fantastic training session, I love his way of teaching, he lives in Japan and is very traditional and correct. We had many great conversations, over breakfast, or over a glass of wine. It made me realise once again how Karate and Horses, approached with the correct attitude, can reveal much about a persons character and also help to develop it.
It is Jo though who I would like to write about, the reason is I find her an inspiration and I always want to share things that inspire and help me in life. Many years ago when Jo was a young mother with a 3 yr old daughter they were involved in a terrible accident. The gas bottle connected to the caravan the family were staying in was wrongly fitted, it resulted in a fire, Jo’s partner survived unscathed, Jo lost her beautiful little girl. Jo was left with many disabilitys, she has balance problems, cannot see very much, her hearing is impaired, and so is her speech. I cannot imagine how someone comes to terms with all that. Jo however when you meet her is glamerous,fun,has a great sense of humour, and is engaging company, you never feel sorry for her becuase you get the feeling she does not dwell in self pity, she gets on with her life and has a healthy diet and exercises. When ever Jo has been to stay she always has her nails done, hair looking good, her own stylish clothes,she even has tattoed eyeliner as she can t see to do makeup. Jo joked with me “its so hard being vain when you can t see!”.
Jo to me seems to sum up someone who instead of indulging in self pity (and she would have every right) finds that inner strength that we all need to muster sometimes.
The first time we met we had a wonderful evening while the boys went to Karate, I knew we hit it off and even though we only see each other maybe once a year it doesn’t matter I always feel like Jo’s friend I think hopefully she feels the same. It makes no difference if you don t see someone regularly if you feel a connection its always there.
That brings me to the horsey bit, at last I have a strong connection with Noo noo I have been busy with Karate and now with my daughters wedding, however I found time to do some riding one morning and it was wonderful she was willing and connected, I am not worried about things going backwards now while I am mother of the bride and looking after my grandchildren for a few days. I feel confident we will both miss our training together.

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