Taking a break

Noo noo and I have had a little break, I have had my grandchildren staying. While they were here an amazing thing happened. They have a little sit on our pony Tarquin while he is in the stable. When they do this Noo noo always looks round. I took them in to see her while she was nibbling some hay, she looked right at them, then went to lay down, looking round as if to say ” well come on, hop on!” I held them one at a time on her she was totally calm and looked rather pleased.

Yesterday was my first day not being granny so we have had a week off. We spent time hanging out and having a little play at liberty. Today was lets see if we can get back to work day. I never expect anything, always start with liberty and ascess where we are. This is a little film of my approach to working with my horse after a weeks break, I was so pleased with her connection with me and willingness, she has had time to process what we had been working on and has come back keen to carry on and refreshed. I think we both missed it.

I will be going to see Kathie and Mini tomorrow so hopefully will update on progress.

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