Joyce has just left and there were some great lessons, from what I can see everyone is really improving. Noo noo and I had some very exciting new challanges,we worked a lot on riding as Joyce very quickly pointed out where I need to focus on the in hand work and knew that I understood what needs to be done! Riding… well 3 reins in one hand, then 4 reins in one hand working on riding from my seat, this really showed me the gaps in our training, I was very pleased however, with a lot of the responses she gave me. The next lesson was even more of a shock, I think Joyce knows what we are capable of and ready to try before we do! Canter jumps uphill from walk and from my seat. also working towards piaffe with half steps, I was smiling all day after one attempt where I really felt the rythem in my seat and she responded. Lots of work and fun ahead. Joyce really helped give me a kick up the b** to try more difficult exercises.
After this of course I took it straight back down to liberty and tried some half steps and canter jumps from walk, thank you Joyce it was really good fun its work in progress but I do believe we will get it.
Here is a little before and after. Back in December 2011 I had my first lesson with Joyce we had never met before but it was the start of my journey with Noo noo to better days, I have loved every lesson with Joyce and learnt a lot. I think my horse is much happier with how I am riding her,although she always expects more.

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