Are you your horses trainer?

Are you your horses trainer? do you see yourself in this way? I think its a very important thing. If you lack confidence or knowledge its very easy to rely on weekly lessons from an instructor and not develop yourself. Hopefully if you have good instructor you will develop or do they make you feel that you couldn t cope without their help. Do they encourage you to train your horse yourself? Do they try to pass on knowledge to help you become your own trainer and find the knowledge and confidence you need for this. OR do they stand in the arena giving you directions and asking you to make corrections you do not understand how to make.Even worse riding your horse in way you are not able to yet and telling you how easy it all is. This is not going to help you train your horse.
Before falling into this trap have a good think, are there other things you could be doing to improve yourself? and your understanding of horses,to make life with your horse more of a partnership that you can develop together.
No matter what we want to do with our horse we owe it to him/her to learn as much as we can and to prepare him for that activity. There are so many aspects to horsemanship and so many trainers and methods out there. Why stand still and stick to the same old. If you are brave and go out and seek to learn more you don t have to keep hold of it all,you can always try something and say this is not for me or this bit is that bit isn’t. When you find something that feels right dive in but remember there is always more. When you think you have learnt enough and you know it all you are in a sad place. I will never stop learning and striving to be better for my horses. apart from the links on my about page I have worked at a riding school, helped exercise event horses, done a course with gillian higgins (horses inside out) been to a clinic with Joni Bentley all about rider biomechanics and riding a simulator. I am always looking for something that might be fun and useful to learn. I will always be listening to the best teacher of all my horse,her feedback is invaluble. I wonder what I will do next there are things on my bucket list of to do’s unfortunately they often cost money so this year it will be a trip to California to train with Carolyn Resnick. I would also love to go to a clinic with Bent Branderup and go to Gotland to Hanna Engstrom. Also a visit to France to Camille and Gabrielle Dareau. Thats just a start I may not be able to do it all but I will try I am sure there will be many more books to read as well so if at all possible don t get stuck in a rut. Thanks here to Marijke de jong for her words of wisdom on this subject and her online course and also Carolyn Resnick for sharing her knowledge. I am also lucky to have lessons with Joyce (see below) as she comes about every 6 weeks I have to train my horse my self inbetween but she always makes me feel she has guided me not bullied, shared knowledge rather than let me know how much more she knows than me,and always leaves me understanding more not confused.This is apart from always being left with a feeling of enjoyment and wanting to get on and develop what we have done. I hope everyone can be this lucky.
If you do what you’ve always done,you’ll get what you’ve always got…
Is that enough?

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