Farahs visit,Sarah and Gordon,and starting canter in hand.

Wow,what a great summer we’ve had,Farah came over and Noo noo and I had a great lesson,changing my position to be further back,at liberty,keeping the energy up,and expecting a better response from smaller aids. In the ridden half we worked on feeling the leg that is not responding and using only that leg to ask for more implusion or trot transitions,as usual it was the right leg,but asking for trot on the left rein with just my right leg was a new one,this was to address that leg first. Kathie also had a lesson with Farah and really enjoyed it. Farah was delighted they have such a great relationship and commented on how  relaxed and happy Minnie was.They worked on body language being slower and having a tai chi feeling to movements.


This week I was able to go and see Sarah and Gordon again, Sarah is a natural at liberty,she has had some set backs with Gordon,he lost some confidence and was looking a bit stressed,his eyes said it all. Sarah has been told by people to give up on him as they consider him dangerous. Luckily she loves her horse and is not ready to throw in the towel yet! We did some liberty to get him back on track mentally,then had a good look at whats going on in his body,Sarah was worried he might be in pain.

We started looking at his body at liberty and using body language and eye contact Sarah got some lovely work with him stretching through his back,lowering his head,soft and relaxed Gordon even with correct flexion much of the time.

We moved on to some ground work in a halter. We talked about Gordon being a left bended horse and how his muscles would be stiffer on one side,also how his more pushing hind leg was pushing him onto the right shoulder. I explained to Sarah that his right hind was coming a little outside his body and we discussed how he needs to learn to carry his weight with his hind legs to make him stronger. Sarah is lovely to work with and I left feeling they were really back on track and very optimistic about how things will work out. I am very hopeful that Sarah will very quickly develop her skills to help Gordon through his mental and physical challanges. Which is not easy when others would give up. By the end of our session Gordons expression had totally changed he had a much more relaxed look in his eye and I can see he really loves Sarah. Very proud of team Sarhgord.


As for Noo noo she has been lovely if a little lazy with her winter coat coming through, its hard not to reach for the clippers.

We have been trying some canter transitions and even the odd half circle in hand.Its crude and only a start but thought I would show the beginnings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBowuNHKc6A>Hope everyone is having fun with their horses.Next event is Marijke De jong straightness training clinic at Cannington Equestrian

Here are some details http://straightnesstraining.com/clinics/



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