Finding Balance

I experiment a lot with my mare Noo noo,she is really great for me as she is very sensitive and also has a lot to say sometimes,if I don t listen she will make sure I do.I experiment a lot with balance.
I have to consider a lot of things with regard to my horse,I also have a busy life,finding a balance in life is something we need to do otherwise we can get burntout,exhuasted,or even depressed and stuck in a rut.
With the winter on the way and temperatures down to 5 degrees this morning, I decided to get on with some long overdue jobs instead of riding. I had to make a list and have pioritys, it feels good to get some stuff cleared out and all the horses rugs sorted for winter. This was part of balancing my time.
When it comes to balancing my horse,I also have to have pioritys. I gave up some time with her last weekend to go to a straightness training clinic,again finding a balance between doing and observing, it was interesting to see other horses and riders and Marijkes approach to them. Balancing my horses wellbeing is my piority with her, her mental balance,physical balance,foot balance,her digestive balance,balance within the can think on this and find more ways to find Balance for you and your horses. I also need a good mental balance and staying as balanced as I can be when riding is most important. Most of all creating balance within my whole life helps balance things with my horse and my horse helps balance my life.
With the daylight fading soon and tempratures dropping I will have to make compromises and be able to to shift and change,be adaptable,like water…to find balance.
here is something I liked very much and wanted to share.

Another Master of Balance,power,and control.

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