Do you have time to prepare by observing and waiting?

When we want to do something with our horse,do we start by doing something or doing nothing? well maybe we can appear to be doing nothing. Are we observing our horse,checking his mood,how hes moving,taking time to feel what he needs from us today,how can we enhance his life today with what we see in the moment?
Today my horse was a little distracted by cows in the field,I worked with her at liberty to get her focus on me,I made sure she was wanting to be with me and being respectful. I like to check that we are in agreement about what we are going to do next so I show her the tack and she comes to me to put it on,if she does’t I have missed something and she is not ready. Before I learnt how to pause and be neutral,how to find inner strength combined with calmness,my horse couldn’t stand still,she had to move her feet all the time. Now I can help her to find the same things as she mirrors me. Today I worked on this a bit. After taking the time to prepare correctly by observing what she needed in the moment I had a wonderful present from her. Sometimes when she really wants me to ride her she will move towards me when I get on the mounting block,she did this today,its a gift to have a horse who once didn t want me on her, to now ask me to get on. We had worked on sharing some moments in neutral together and then some ground work to get her carrying herself better. Today we were in complete agreement about everything we did even some shoulder-in in trot and even when it was hard on her stiffer right rein she tried her best and so we had a carrot and a pause and a lot of praise.
Here is part of my preparation. Which at last I realise is more important than the ‘training’I might have wanted to do.

2 thoughts on “Do you have time to prepare by observing and waiting?

  1. Dear Jayne,
    I enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos, they are an inspiration. I particularly like your emphasis on finding neutral and being prepared to wait rather than responding to that oh so human trait of having an agenda and seeing it through come what may! There is a calm quality to your interaction with your horse that enables you both to just quietly “find” the appropriate responses to each other. Really lovely. I hope you don’t mind me saying just one thing which I find a little “uncomfortable” – the lunging cavesson. Personally, I have never liked the design of them and seeing the weight of that metal clasp on the end of the rope hanging over the sensitive nose of your horse kind of jarred with the softness of everything else in the video. One would think it would be at least mildly irritating and distracting? If you were wearing a headband around your forehead and some body attached that rope to it so that the clasp was banging your nose as you moved – how would you feel about it? Of course that is a totally unlikely scenario(!) but it’s just a thought that struck me as I watched the clip. I got the distinct feeling your horse would have followed your lead anyway, without the lead rope. Great work Jayne and I thank you for posting your clips and your inspiring words.
    Kindest Regards
    Gary 🙂

    • Dear Gary,
      Thanks for your comment its nice to have feedback. The clip on the rope looks heavier than it is I have searched for lighter ones as the parelli style clips do upset me a bit this is the best so far! The lunging cavesson also I really like mainly becuase my horse is comfortable with it and its the most padded one I could find, She is also ridden in it but never with force,my aids are seat,leg,intention and giving soft contact (hopefully) well thats what I strive for. I know people get ideas about bitless,halters,all sorts of ‘tools’ but really I believe if you and your horse are happy and you always put your horses comfort before results then it doesn t matter what you use. We do owe it to our horse to educate ourselves as riders and develop our feel and riding abilitys to thier maximum to avoid causing discomfort.
      I will let you into a secret I was warned about showing too much liberty so thats the main reason for the cavesson in this film she would have been the same at liberty and I think you spotted that. I would like to show some more liberty but its a worry that someone could see it and without proper guidence and experience and get hurt.
      It is also important that our horse is just as relaxed when we use ‘tools ‘ as they would be at liberty it shows they are comfortable with them and our aids and timing are ok.
      Many thanks for reading my blog and bothering to comment.
      Best Wishes,

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