fig8 ,benchmarks and challanges.


Here is part of a pdf that I got over a year ago this exercise was too difficult for us back then.
There is another part to it showing the renvers and shoulder/in on the fig8 but not being good with technology i have been unable to get it onto here.

I have found this exercise a great challange,its also a benchmark of wether we are improving in communication,suppleness,balance and strength,there is always a case for pilot error here as well and I am still learning,I will never stop .
The full pdf was sent to me by Victor a straightness training friend in Brazil,he got it from Katrine Buur who I also discovered through this.I am hoping to post a video of Katrine riding this exercise.
you can ride it in many different ways,here I am attemping a circle in shoulder/in ( which will strenghten the inside hinleg,free the outside shoulder and create suppleness)then the second half of the fig8 in travers (this will strengthen the outside hindleg)then the next circle in renvers,( the main benefit here for us has been freeing up the shoulders,it also works like the travers strengthing the hind leg,which is now on the inside of the circle.) The renvers has been the last part to come together we are making progress but it is a very hard exercise,for horse and rider.
It makes sense to me that if you can ride these exercises when you ride your horse you have all these at your disposal so even if you are only starting with them,they are going to help you, to help your horse, to carry you better.
How many of us ride a circle and loose the outside shoulder at some point,if we can only manage one step of shoulder/in its going to help us correct that.The exercise of travers has helped me catch a hind leg thats missing and collect my horse. Luckily for me, my horse and I enjoy challanges and I am forever grateful to her for her forgivnesss of my learning on her and for trying for me.I hope you can see some of the movements the film was not good it gets a bit better as the sun comes out.

If you made it to the end,we tried the start of piaffe ish steps. I am hoping to write a blog on this exercise as I study it more and continue to work on it.
You can find Katrine Buur on facebook and ask to join her group called comtempory horsmanship or I am a member and can ask for you to be added.
I have a feeling my next blog will have something in it about California……

As I hoped here is the video from Katrine Buur she gave me some great advice as well…

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