Well! where to start. I have now had time to get back to normal after my trip to California. It was a major thing for me to do not just regarding finances but also relying on my husband to do everything back home,he was amazing, we have never been apart for so long in 31 yrs. It really bought him closer to the horses and he has realised how different they all are since I discovered Carolyn Resnick. He even managed to bring them in like I do with no halters,just walking with them and directing them,they also came to him when he called them in.
Back in the spring I decided to do Carolyns online course,I had been to a clinic with Farah de Johnette and read Carolyns book and watched her dvd,I was dabbleing with her method and even though I wasn t following it accurately it helped loads. I realised the next step was this course, I had no idea what to expect, I dived in and did the inside circle, It was lifechanging and relationship changing and also I would say self improving.
After this experience and realising this was a very talented women who taught me so much from watching videos and giving feedback,I knew I wanted to go to the next level, I now knew that there was a lifetime of knowledge and extordinary way with horses that she had and I wanted to learn in person!.
I spoke to my husband and he agreed he had seen the difference this had made to me and my horses. I signed up, I was slightly terrified at the thought of travelling so far and driving on the other side of the road! My very best friend to my amazement said she couldn’t let me go alone and agreed to come with me,it was such a relief.
Polly and I were the most unseasoned looking travellers not knowing anything much about flying. We made it though the flight landed in San diego after 24hrs travel hardly any sleep and at 5pm with it feeling like 1am. The drive with the hire car is best forgotten!!!! terrifing is mild.
We had a day to recover and went to the beach I put my feet in the Pacific! well a bit more than that! It was lovely to meet up with Niki that evening who was also on the course at Carolyns. We were both very excited and looking forward to meeting the other 3 ladies.
The next morning I will never forget arriving at Carolyns ranch and meeting everyone,at last after over 6 months wait since the online course I was actually here.
Everyone involved with Carolyn has a special quality about them,its hard to describe,they are very genuine,warm,special people,I am so touched by meeting them. We were put at our ease and all got to know eachother as a group. The whole atmosphere was welcoming,calm and fun.
It feels strangly private what you experience on this clinic and I imagine it differs greatly for each person. All I can say is when I saw Carolyn work with horses I was truly inspired, she is a lovely ( but tough on you) Lady. I will never forget the experience,will never forget the people I met, and will be a student of Carolyn Resnick forever,she is a wonderful teacher who gave us lots of indivual coaching tailored to each one of us as well as learning as a group and from eachother, creating an enviroment where you have no ego and only want the best for your classmates,some of us at times overjoyed at eachothers acheivements.
We recieved a journal from carolyn on the first day to take notes, I couldn t stop watching for one minute wanting to learn from every minute I was there so mine came home empty, but I am full, and things are popping out of me all the time especially when I am with a horse.
After sad farewells we had another free day and had offered Niki a lift half way to L A where she would be flying from. We went to Dana point and another fear of mine (other than flying) was banished,we went dolphin watching this involved A BOAT and waves!! Luckily there was a spare place on the boat for Niki. When we found the dolphins I soon forgot about seasickness and not liking boats they were beautiful,playful and full of fun. I was able to lay down on a net and put my arm through nearly touching one,they swam at exactly the same speed as the boat right underneath you, it felt as if you were almost riding them.
I will always be very grateful to my husband Andy ,my friend ( well hopefully after 9 days with me) Polly,and to Carolyn and everyone else involved for this experience.

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