Happy new year,looking back,looking forward,and enjoying the moment.


DSCN1940 Well happy new year everyone, Christmas and the beginning of a new year are often times when our lives run slightly differently to normal. We have a lot of pressure on us to make this a special time for friends and family,often our horses don t get the same time and attention. For me the start of the new year is for getting back to spending time with my horses, I also reflect on the year that has gone, accept the sad parts and enjoy looking back on acheivements and learning. I think its important this time of year when the weather is harsh for many of us, to do this. We can set goals for the new year and be inspired to get out there in the rain and snow to make them happen. We have to have dreams of what might be possible. We also need to know how to make those dreams come true, for me continually learning is what makes my life with horses so addictive, they teach me something every day, sometimes its just how good it feels to be in their company. If we accept that we need to learn and practice what we learn, we can achieve our goals, sometimes the path is not smooth and we may need to make a detour or take a break but determination and a clear vision of where we want to be next year when we are relecting on the year just past will surely help.
I have had an amazing year, it started with great sadness when I took my Dad into hospital on new years eve, his death and words of advice changed the way my year ahead was about to go, out of a loss or sadness we can become stronger. I have strengthen my own character and deepened my understanding of my horses through working at liberty,through doing this the surprise is that all the other work has improved and I am very excited about where that will take us this year.
I wish everyone a very inspired,fun and eventful new year with your horses. Enjoy the moment even if its in the rain with your dogs and horses!

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