circle challange

It sounds easy when you look at a dressage test, ride a 20 metre circle at A. Well to ride that circle perfectly is not easy at all but I believe its one of the most sensible movements put into a lower level modern dressage test, as you progress in training your horse, your circles reveal a lot. Most horses will fall out on one rein and fall in on the other. When it comes to more advanced circles at 10 or even 5 metres horses who have not been gymnastically improved will struggle,it takes more collection and carrying ability from the inside hind leg to do this. When riding you can help your horses with support from your inside leg and seat and rein aids. At liberty all your horses old traits come back and its a great way to see how he copes on his own at freedom, hopefully as gymnastic training improves his self carriage and natural way of going improves too. My mare Noo noo still shows her natural crookeness at liberty which makes me question how much am I supporting her? How much more should I be doing to improve her natural crookeness? its very revealing. So here she is.Trying larger then coming in to more difficult smaller circles, A bit hairy and lazy so I also wanted to work on implusion/the gas pedal.Just to break up the circles we tried a bit of liberty half pass.

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