Joyce Mulder Trip.

I have just said goodbye to Joyce after another wonderful trip,its so nice to see more people than ever opening their minds to trying something ‘a bit different ‘ from the normal lessons we see. The difference for me is that Joyce really wants educate riders so that we can train our horses ourselves not rely on someone else doing it for us. Lets face it if you have no desire to learn you will stay stagnent,if you already know it all, life must be extremely boring.

I am always amazed at how Joyce knows the next step for me and my horse and what will benefit our training, This time was no exception. I have been trying to refine my aids and becuase we have such a strong connection at liberty I want that to continue into every other aspect of mine and my horses education. So…. we started with seat training riding one handed with 4 reins in one hand checking that I am not relying on the reins but using my intention,seat and leg aids. Next we worked on trot and canter varying the trot and really trying to sit and feel the hind legs under me. In canter we worked on me being totally relaxed and not blocking Noo noo and when Joyce got me sorted out a bit I really felt Noo noo respond to my seat for the transition and begin to sit more and carry me it felt wonderful.

lastly came the biggest challenge a lesson in hand, with the lack of time I have to say this is the thing I have neglected, I have tended to do some liberty work then ride or do some in hand work (not as often) I knew it was what we needed. We worked on Noo noo being better connected and having more energy, also taking the weight back and paying proper attention to the half halt. I find this work hard becuase my horse ‘thinks’ its hard,well it is…but I am confident now that she can do it and that helps a lot. Thank-you  Joyce for giving me the confidence that we CAN do these things. It just takes committment, understanding,a great relationship with your horse so that they trust you that they can do it, time, no snow, and a good trainer!!! Easy.

Good luck with your Challenges and learning.

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