Favorite Quotes and training updates


Mini Starting work inhand

mini 1bend pole

Here is Noo noo bending nicely and moving the croup outwards.
in pole

Do you have a favorite quote to share,here are 3 that I like please comment and leave yours.
“The art of horsmanship is grown from the practice of connection,not the practice of force” Carolyn Resnick.
“There is no neutrality in riding,you are either actively improving your horse,or actively breaking him down”
“Where knowledge ends brutality begins” Charles De Kunffy
“A good hand is searching for information.A trusted hand is given information” Bent Branderup.
Mine mainly concern riding but I love good quotes.

Noo noo is starting her “Its spring and I am moulting and coming into season!” behavior. I thankfully am much better educated in how to deal with it than in previous years. I have a strong connection with her now and can read how she is feeling and act accordingly, she gets tight in her back when she is in this transitional time. I will be having her treated soon as she is also working fairly hard.
Noo noo has started some working equitation moves. One of which is moving the croup over on a tight circle. As always I start everything at liberty then online or in hand,then ridden. We have tried this now all 3 ways and its so easy to introduce in riding when she knows it from the ground and so much fun at liberty.

Mini has started some work in hand, now that her connection with Kathie is growing stronger and they are enjoying the liberty work,it felt like time to get to work on her rather huge body. She has a lot of push in her hind legs and is fairly heavy in the shoulders she also has tighter muscles through the left side of her body,this makes it hard for her to be ‘light’and to bend correctly on the right rein.I have explained to Kathie that its a balancing act and although you want the hind leg stepping under you don t want her leaning on your hand and pushing,which, if allowed to rush, is what happens. I started to try and teach her that each leg moves when and where I want it to go
. Taking slower steps we made a start on learning the shoulder/in and qrts/in. Mini is a huge horse and sometimes forgets whats at the back of her body so asking a hind leg to move under and across isn t going to happen overnight here are some pictures,of only her second attempt,she really tried hard and I was delighted that Kathie could see how she needed breaks to process what she was doing. Mini is a bright horse and really enjoyed learning something new looking forward to continuing this work with her.

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