energy,breathing,and intention.

walkingstanding with noons Here is Noo noo with her energy slighty ‘up’ she has seen something in the field, I keep my energy low and make a request for her to move on,she feels I am not bothered by the monster and that I will take care of her.
I also have a strong intention of where we are going and keep my breathing from my center not from my chest. Breathing in slowly through my nose and gently out through my mouth,careful not to breath too deeply out as we have been working on halt by my breath and intention.

It is so important to know what we want, what our intentions are and why. If we are unsure the horse senses this and looses confidence in us. When we have this clear picture in our mind we can use very subtle aids.
Like our breathing and energy, I have been working on having a feeling of breathing out like a sigh that goes right down to the ground through my body,at the same time I think of pulling my energy backwards. This is being most effective in acheiving a halt at liberty,in hand and in riding.


Here it is my intention that Noo noo stretches down with enough energy to move forward,but in a grounded relaxed way,I stay very relaxed with a low energy but still allowing forward movement.

If I want to use my energy to build up Noo noo’s energy,wether its at liberty or in riding I remember a feeling of excitement when I could feel adrenalin rushing through my body, I have been trying to use this feeling but still with a clear intention so that it is controlled energy. Also staying relaxed in my body,particuliarly in riding as she can feel any tension and it will block her energy. Its is, as ever work in progress and as she becomes more developed in her training I think this will be an important aid in collection and extension. This is also something I am working on in my own body with Karate,its expansion and compression, release of power/energy in a controlled way and then compressing it but not losing it. Also being able to go from full power energy to total relaxation, is I think very important.

Happy experimenting.

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