starting with the liberty rein

This week I have just started again with the liberty rein,it is a neck strap or cordeo whatever you wish to call it. I started with watching a video from Farah DeJohnette I have seen it before but its always good to go back and re watch stuff,you spot things you missed first time round it is on her website which you can find on my links page and is titled liberty rein feel. I am hoping to ride Noo noo with a liberty rein this year. Here are Farah and Mercury showing how its done.

I will be having a visit from Farah in June and she will be doing a clinic at the new horse in Motcombe. Please leave me a comment or send a message if you would be interested in coming here or you can contact Carolyn Bouchier at the new horse bittles brook farm . It will come up on Google,also there is a link to Farahs website on my links page.

Here we are having a play with things.

It takes a lot of preparation and liberty work and really good connection and trust between you and your horse to do this work,you don t just decide to do it without that it would be reckless. Staying safe is paramount.

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