Mind,body,spirit. How do you approach your horse?

On my welcome page I wanted to try to sum up some of the things that are so important to me,in life and with horses. I never look at this page. I wanted to re-visit these things and expand a little. I am pleased to say I see and hear more and more people from many different backgrounds of the horse world talking about this,maybe I am just finding them more easily.

When you approach your horse is your mind calm?
Do you approach with a sense of dread not knowing how he may react today? will you be injured? will he be resistant?
This is deffinately not how I feel,not now. I have felt this way in the past and it was unpleasant for me and my horse.
Now I go to my horse with a sense of wonder and joy at the thought of just being with her. I go with a calm mind,if my mind is on the troubles of life or the shopping/cleaning whatever that needs doing, I will sometimes not bother and say off you go have a nice day with your chums eating grass,or I will just sit with her untill I am only with her my mind is clear and I am present with her,for her, with an attitude of what can I do for you. Yes its shocking!!! I do ask what can I do for my horse, how can I bring her joy make her feel proud,help her use her body in a better way,calm her mind when she is not calm.
I also have to listen to her and what she may feel like doing today, maybe I did have something in my mind I would like to do. I always have to start with no agenda though even if I would like to try something, I have to know she is in agreement, or question why not, if its something I can t change today wait untill some other time. Whatever we do I usually realise its not what I wanted maybe, but what WE needed.

Do you and your horse feel ok in your bodies?
If I am ill or like recently injured with a fractured hand, my horse knows,if I feel stiff in my back she will feel it,so maybe some ground work/in hand/liberty. If she is tight in her back or a bit stiff somewhere,its my job to decide what she needs, maybe a day off or some work from the ground to help whatever the problem is. Maybe a visit from someone who can help her even.

The last thing I mention is spirit,this is a tough one.
Your horse, and your quest to always be better in every way, in life and with horses, is one thing that will help you see your true spirit. If you can always know you have been true to yourself and others including your horse,it will raise your spirit.
Your horse see’s your spirit, he see’s you, and he will judge you,he will give you good feedback, if…you listen.
If you can develop your spirit and your horse’s you can experience true harmony with a horse, that is what it takes in my view two spirits joined and if you ever get it you will know. It may not be constant its like a marriage, you may have to work at it sometimes.
Of course you could always take the other route, not really ever wanting this and seeing your horse as a slave,a possession. An instructor many years ago said to me..He has 23 hours a day to do as he pleases for one hour he can do what you want. I could never think like this, if I am lucky I will have moments with my horses that bring me such a feeling of wellbeing and happiness, I am grateful, and would like to do the same for them.

Finding what your horse wants, opens the door to his spirit,NOT, making him do what you want.

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