Farah’s visit.

Bridless piaffeFarah PiaffeFarah De Johnette demonstrating something we would love to be doing one day. Farah has just been over from the usa and run a very sucessful 3 day clinic. I managed to get there on the Sunday, and see some people I know who have been training with farah for some time and some new students to her. It was great to see this as you can always learn from seeing how a good trainer approaches different combinations and their individual needs and levels of experience. I also managed to watch a private session where Farah addressed some physical issues with the horse. This was really interesting and lovely to see that she helped the horse to use her body so much better throughout the session,also showing the owner some great ways to supple her horse and all demonstated by farah in such a lovely,soft, calm and force free way.
I also had a session with Farah here at home and Noo Noo always likes to see Farah. We started at liberty,and talked about how I can position my body to influence my horse in very nice soft subtle ways, I got some great ideas on how to come out of canter with a more shoulder/in feeling, and for the futre how to introduce simple changes (woaw!). Farah also gave me some great new exercises in ground work,which I could also try at liberty, all designed towards helping with my piaffe,I loved the body movements we learned in this and when we have had a play with it will try to make a video.
We managed to cram a lot in and went on to riding, I decided it felt like a bitless bareback day. We worked a little on taking the exercises from the ground to mounted and I understood it so know how to continue with this. Farah is great at adapting to the horse and rider she has in front of her on the day and bringing the max to your session. We moved on to helping me with my shoulder/in I mentioned its a bit sticky on the right, I was overdoing things with my inside aids and forgetting to RIDE BOTH SIDES OF MY HORSE. When I used my left leg to push her towards my inside leg it worked like a dream,much improved s/i. Combined with shoulder/In, half pass , shoulder/in then a ten metre circle exercises, Noo noo really started to get lovely and soft though her body all in trot bareback, think it will be groundwork tomorrow! We had a lot of fun which is always the way with farah! thank you so much Farah hope you make it back this year. If not we know you are always available for video reviews and skype calls.

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