training update,Canter!

My horse had a very sore back some years ago, she has had a mental and physical block when it comes to cantering.
I decided to be patient and improve her walk and trot and work her from the ground, at liberty and lunging in canter.
I also find riding the canter difficult as I only have one horse to ride, I have not done much in canter in recent years. I have improved my horses trust in me,and her willingness to please me using liberty work. There are some links to people who have helped me under the links title. She has also improved in her body and due to more collected work in trot she is stronger,although she doesn t naturally have a ‘good’ canter and her natural crookedness is still apparent,we are at last able to start developing better transitions,correct leads,and simple changes,also using some counter canter to improve the true canter.
On this note I was once told to think of the canter as quarter/in canter and instead of counter canter, renver canter,this helps you to keep the correct posture. There may be a video somewhere on youtube showing this with Marijke De Jong.

Here we are having fun.

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