The art of being

Please watch this amazing film by Marja van Run I have realised recently there are a lot of people talking about being Authentic, in the moment and present with your horse. One way that this comes together and has helped with my new horse has been to simply pause. Do nothing just BE. Horses do it with eachother so well,they will spend time together doing stuff, but they also take time to pause and just BE. They are still connected if one twitched or spooked the others would feel it. It seems like telepathy but I beleive its much easier to achieve than that. Just take time to BE, pause, listen just enjoy the being. It might be for a long time or a short break in ‘doing’ I think horses really like it and for Maya its something that has helped grow the bond between us. Its in thoses moments when everything else is still that I feel the connection growing the most.

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