Joyce lessons and Strictly come dancing.

What have horse training and dancing shows on tv got to do with eachother?

Well actually after my lessons with Joyce last weekend quiet a lot. The main theme was preparation, finish,quality in and out of a particular movement.

After my lessons there I am watching my favorite show and the judges keep mentioning how some dancers have lovely lines and finish the techniques, the quality of how they go into and out of a certain dance move. I could see it crystal clear in front of me! why had I not noticed this before. I think mainly because,  Noons and I are so surprised with what Joyce has managed to squeeze out of us that we rush out of it so excited to get to next fun thing. Also you just need help from an expert and someone to point out that you can do more and search for more quality.

I love these little details that Joyce brings to our work.

More attention to detail and keeping control of Noo noo’s left shoulder in the halts, pausing,coming out of a halt with more quality.This helped me feel the best quality canter we have ever had, I just prepared and kept the quality of the preparation work by keeping her shoulders up. For Maya it was all about where I could be in relation to her ,to get the best quality and relaxation. Sometimes more distance sometimes less. All about the shoulders and moving them away. Again not rushing and be very clear about what I am asking for,and expecting a bit more now. With both girls,I must have a clear intention of what I am asking for and how to achieve it.

This also follows into Martial arts in Karate I must have done thousands of punches trying to fininsh my techniques correctly. Here also you have preparation,execution and finish.

.Still 3 Still 9 Still 12 Still 1

Thank you Joyce.

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