dreams of dressage

When you take on a new horse,do you have goals? do you try to find that horse of your dreams with an aim in mind?

Maybe its jumping,hacking, hunting or dressage.  What happens when those dreams don’t come true?

Did you choose the wrong horse?  Is your horse just being difficult?  why when you were sold,lets say a dressage horse,won’t he DO WHAT YOU WANT !!

There could be many reasons,maybe what you had in mind just doesn’t suit that horse. Maybe he is not up to your expectations. Maybe he just needs you to get to know him and follow the path that suits him ????

Maybe you are not up to his expectations ???

When you meet your human partner in life there is a courtship ( usually) we don’t offer this to our equine partner.

When you get married, if you want that marriage to last you take the rough with the smooth, you come through the hard times stronger, are we prepared to do this with our horse.

There is another way, one thats happier,more harmonious, maybe we should look for the horse that suits our needs ..but if he is not up to the job or if he is more highly strung ,sensitive than we can manage,we have a choice. Find the right person for him or change our expectations, change ourselves and our training. Not everyone is prepared to do the second. If that horses behavior has become, well scary, sometimes its hard.

Either way if you change something its better for the horse than doing nothing and letting a downward spiral continue.

If you decide to see it through,it might take you on a wonderful journey,but like any marriage,you will need to court your horse , make friends, gain respect, take the highs with the lows and ride the rough with the smooth. If you always have a harmonious relationship and sometimes doing what suits your horse not you,as your end goal,you won’t go far wrong.

You may have to change your ideas about how to train a horse, learn from different methods you had never considered, and improve yourself to be the person your horse needs.

I can, from personal experience assure you it will be worth it. When your horse never wants to leave you,always wants to work with you,and knows your every thought,its magic.

I am just starting out with my new horse Maya,she is not perfect for dressage,she is a little croup high, on the forehand a bit, crooked,impossible to circle left without falling in.She was very mistrusting and spooky. But like I felt about  my husband (who is not perfect either!) I like her, I feel like we ‘fit’ I would be happy to call her my horse ,when she gives herself to me,and allows me to feel like she is truly my horse, not just the horse I bought I own ,but  truly ‘my horse,my soulmate’. With dreams of dressage,but always with her best interests at heart and if dressage is not for her,if she is ‘my horse’ and gives herself to me, the bond will be strong and we will find what she wants to do.

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