The heading on my blog says, mind, body and spirit. This could be interpreted in many different ways. today my thoughts were about the spirit of my horses and myself.

We can think about our own spirit, our horses spirit or soul even and how do we learn to connect with this. I have a very strong bond with my horse Noo noo and I ‘feel’ her even when she is not with me. I am sure the same is true for her. She knows when I coming out to her, she knows what mood I am in and she knows or a least thinks she does if i come with an agenda. Well maybe its more than me thinking she is imagining it, maybe she knows something I don’t. Rarely does she tell me she doesn’t want to work with me, if she does I will stop and question myself, is there something different in my energy, in my body, on my mind. Something she knows but I don’t as yet.

I do beleive our horses have a very strong bond with eachother and us through their spirit. If we can learn to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ this spirit that the horse has, it helps us see our own spirit. Is this why, for me spending time with my horses always leads me to happiness, and to look within myself, my spirit is lifted.  If I can take that small insight into how a horse feels and essentially  IS  it improves me as a person.

The most rewarding thing for me has been to see, through the horses spirit being re-ignited so is the humans. This had a profound effect for me knowing that often, when you see a shut down horse and a relationship with no spark, you bring back the horses spirit and the human is alive again too.

I can truly see why horses above all others have been the subject of cave paintings and mythology for so many years.

Maybe if we can use our imagination and connect with our horse on a deeper level, we can allow them to show us who we really are. I encourage everyone to take time to go back to being a child who dreamt of riding a unicorn. Yes Really!!!

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