Listening to my girls.

I am always interested in learning, I love to see how the world is opening up. People from all around the world can converse with one another and share their views. There is a lot of alternative thinking going on in the horse world. When I started out horses had shoes on their feet, they were expected to behave! if they resisted you told them who was boss, really there was only lunging or riding, no in hand work, liberty, ground work. The thought of someone suggesting you had a horse and didn’t ride it would have been absurd. Horses were exercise, rugged ,shod, stabled, and used for whatever purpose their owner saw fit. Riding bitless and bareback was not considered, whips and spurs were normal.

A day never passes when I  am not grateful to Noo noo my wonderful mare for making me find other ways, it has led me to meet some wonderful people and to question many things. We are all on our own path, where we are on that path is personal to us. The more enlightened we become, I feel the more we should remain tolerant of those who know no better, its their choice, their path. They are doing things how they see fit, otherwise why would they be doing it? If they know its wrong hopefully they are about to look beyond their current methods and start to question.

All we can do if we think our way, is the right way, is to show it to others and try to inspire. I know for sure some of my neighbours think I am a crank, I know others at the other end of the scale still think I havn’t changed towards their way of thinking enough.

I am on MY path and will continue to learn and try to be the best I can be for my horses, I will make mistakes. I am human, I see them as a chance’s to learn. My horses will be my best judges. They are my mirror. They are on my path with me so where ever you are on yours I will not judge you, only try to inspire and influence after all I wouldn’t be doing what I am if I didn’t see it as something good. However you must make your mistakes and see them as steps in learning.Your choices and methods may be right for you and mine may be right for me.

Whatever you are doing I hope its FUN! for you and your horse.

Here is a bit of fun, second time taking the girls in the arena together

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