Are you creative and artistic.

My horses do let me know if I am becoming boring, they are highly sensitive girls, Noo noo in particular, can be very creative. Not always a good thing!

I think it works well for me to keep our time together, fun and interesting for my girls. This means not getting ‘stuck in a rut’.

Not drilling the same things, being ‘creative’ maybe even ‘artistic’ imaginative deffinately. It takes courage and the belief that its ok to do something. But who says what we do is wrong? if we grow a stronger connection and bond through our interactions together it will feel good.

We have to be appealing and interesting, Fun and authentic. Be ourselves but let ourselves go and not worry about methods and what others tell us is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Be happy sharing the moment of joy with your horse, that might come from being a little creative. A lot is said about leadership with our horse, ever thought about being a fun leader?

I hope you can feel the fun we had dancing to Gene Kelly. Noo noo has no problem with umbrellas now either!

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