Allowing mistakes.

If things start to wrong when you are trying to do something with your horse, if he doesn’t understand your request or maybe is evading doing what you would like, Have you ever thought,  instead of trying to stop the wrong answer coming from him, you could allow the mistake to happen and calmly correct him. Eventually he will learn to give the correct response. This takes away the temptation Featured imageto be too strong with our corrections. The lovely Jouke demonstrated this perfectly today, Jackie has built a strong bond and connection with him from working at liberty, it is her aim to ride him again after a terrible accident. Today after starting at liberty and revisiting the exercises we had previously done, which include just being, greeting, moving, herding,and following, pausing, keeping his focus,drawing him and walking together in connection. We moved on to some work with the cavesson, at first keeping the feeling of liberty with no pressure, taking a giving feel,working close up and lunging.Also influencing him to shift his balance back.

Jackies horse can very quickly raise his energy and with it his head and neck.

He showed very clearly today that when the correction on the line was kept for too long instead of halting he fell in, it was impossible for Jackie to correct with out holding on he was just running through the aid, so we let him give us the wrong response which was to turn around her, she let go of the rein so as not to be asking him round, every time he did this we calmly asked him to go back the way he had just come and move his shoulders away. He started to get the point and when he gave us some lovely halts on the spot he realised that got him a carrot. We had worked at liberty to move his shoulders out and halt but with tack it was harder not to over correct. So just let him learn slow and easy what the correct response is no pressure,no fighting with a big strong horse and no emotions. Just some lovely halts without turning and falling in. Very important for riding.

Thank you Jouke for being a great teacher in softness today.

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