Turning the corner with Maya. Learning how,when,why and what it means to my horse, to pause.

They say good things come to those who wait, well Maya has taught me the importance of waiting. Waiting for her to be comfortable with a very different new home, waiting for HER, to come to me. Even helping her, and waiting for her, to find out about her own self and new ways she can express herself and move her body.

Above all Maya has taught me her pace may not be my pace, her pause in training or length of training session may not be what I had in mind. I have to stay open to her ideas. Sure I want to shape and encourage those ideas to be something good, and beneficial for her. The pause, the length and connection within the pause or disconnection between us, which is almost like a break for her, has been all important. Reading what she needs has not been easy for me. But I know from what she is offering that we have turned a very important corner, we have many more twists and turns ahead on our journey together. But we will grow together and learn from each other and I hope above all have fun! and I have really truly learnt the importance of, and how to enjoy, the pause.

Maya has also shown me the other side of her , she really likes to move, she loves poles and cones and seems to love having a purpose. But within all this I come back to a pause and let her think about how great she was!

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