Riding, with your heart, being in communion with your horse.

What is the true meaning of this? To be in Communion means to be in a state where thoughts and feelings are exchanged, I feel this when I ride Noo noo. I would like to explain how we come to this amazing feeling.

I start by greeting her in the stable, I always ask and listen to how she is feeling. She is very good at expressing her mood, I just have to notice. I ask how she feels about being groomed, if she is not keen I just spend some time with her, then ask again.I never tie her.

By the time we leave the stable I know pretty much how things will start, its always at liberty. This reinforces what I have felt and gives me a chance to deepen the bond and connection, or address any unwillingness, lack of focus or just plain high spirits among other things. This is the time we spend further developing that feeling of Communion, it comes from the heart, it has to if its not real and I am not present for her it will not come. Sometimes its immediate, other days its the only thing we do and the saddle goes away. Of course there is the whole spectrum in between too.

Today after some time at liberty,Noo noo was walking with me , trotting, turning and keeping the same speed as me, it reminded me of something I read recently about a horse who wanted to be close to his human, he wanted to be as if in a shoal of fish, this is how it felt, I know when we feel this the riding will be a special feeling. It truly is being in Communion where even thoughts are exchanged. Noons knew when I was going to put the tack on, I never tie her, she stands and waits for the bridle and saddle, if she doesn’t then we are not ready.

We start with some in hand work to see if the sense of communion is still the same with tack, it is, she is lovely and soft and willing. We almost decide together its time to get on, she waits at the mounting block while I fiddle with stirrups, she offers me her back, its a feeling, like moving just a bit closer.

11050955_945477478819669_208217146_n - Copy

Needless to say with this feeling before riding the riding was like heaven, my thoughts are quickly transmitted through my body and she responds, it feels like telepathy. Its effortless, we have had a break from riding and in the last 2 months only ridden around 6 times, Noons has had some physical problems and told me she couldn’t manage riding, I listened and eventually we got her tight muscles and slight lameness sorted out. She is now feeling amazing. joyful and willing. Happy in mind and body today, and the sense of oneness means more than anything. We end with some time just standing together breathing, she doesn’t want to leave the arena! I always thank my horses from my heart for what they have offered me.
after lesson1

I wish everyone the chance to feel this with their horses. Happy riding and just being in Communion with your horse.

You just have to turn up, be present, listen and open your heart. Your
horse is already waiting.

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