Is your horses body a barometer of his emotions? or is his body causing him to have negative emotions?

We hear stories about people who suffer with depression becoming physically ill, people who are filled with stress, hate or negative emotions becoming tired, having bowel and digestive disorders,maybe even cancers and all manner of illness.
We also hear about people with a happy and full life, people with an optimistic outlook battling against illness despite doctors diagnosis.
Could the same be true of our horses? Lots of horses don’t conform to the training methods employed by their owners, sometimes this is just a clash of personality, the approached used just doesn’t suit that horse. I am not judging anything to be right or wrong here. The horses communicate how they feel, this can lead to them being labeled dangerous or broken in the body even. If the methods used or the trainer is not changed, it can lead to a very unhappy horse.
Horses show us this in very different ways to many to mention. I do believe sometimes physical problems can result from the anxiety the horse goes through feeling misunderstood and maybe ‘ not heard’.
So when things go wrong, where do we start? We would normally be told to start with checking the saddle, the back, the teeth, the feet, so what after this, do we check their emotional state? does our horse feel HAPPY?
There is luckily a lot more attention being paid to the relationship we have with our horse, their mental balance, living conditions, etc.
While we address these things we also need to watch our horse’s body are they holding in so many emotions that they also hold on physically not really able to use their body in a healthy way. Its the chicken and egg what do we do first? I am not sure, and I am not sure there’s a right or wrong order. We need to LISTEN to our horses, watch their reactions through their body as well as feeling their emotions, they will express it we just have to practice listening and observing.
Don’t you feel lighter, have more energy and just feel good and healthy when you are HAPPY, so lets all enjoy practicing being happy making each other and our horses happy, its amazing how making others happy makes you feel good. I am selfishly doing what makes me happy and happy horses are a big part of it they are ready to help us be happy lets offer to do the same for them. Of course you could take the other route of making yourself sick.

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Wishing everyone health, Happiness and horses too.

4 thoughts on “Is your horses body a barometer of his emotions? or is his body causing him to have negative emotions?

  1. I took a trail ride today with two friends on my horses. We walked, stopped to graze, cantered up a couple of hills, stopped and grazed some more. They were astounded at how peaceful everything was. Barefoot and no bits, just energy to go and a sigh to stop. During our last canter, the horses got into a little race with each other for a few hundred feet. We just flew over the ground. Yet, with all that, the horses kept an ear tuned to us and when we sighed and sat back, they left off their match race and slowed for us without touching a rein and happily walked on a loose rein the rest of the way home. The opposite of stressed, amped up or shut down. Happy horses and happy humans.

  2. Reminds Me of that film, where the little boy “pays it forward”. If more people adopted that attitude and did things for others, I believe everyone would be happier. A selfless act, each and every day would surely make the world a better place, you are already doing that Jayne. Xx

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