Clarity vs Dominance.


Horses are very clear to each other, this picture shows the first time Maya was in the field with Noo noo and Tarquin. There was a lot of communication going on. You can see it from in the posture of the horses. Their communication is energetic and physical.
They didn’t stop and think, now my intention is x and his looks like y so i will do z.
Its instant they communicate and react. They are very clear about who they are.

When we are with our horses the more we know ourselves, the more transparent we can be to our horse about who we are.
When horses first meet, when they blow into the other horses nostrils its about this is who I am, who are you?


They know very clearly who they are. Us humans on the other hand often try to be something we are not!
How unclear it must seem to a horse. When we are calm and know ourselves and our intentions, we are much clearer. If we can stop over thinking and being so busy in our mind, maybe our bodies will communicate more clearly.

When we appear unclear, it can lead to our horse communicating in a way that can either be listened to, or possibly be called ‘bad behavior’ If we choose the later it may lead us to use dominance to correct this ‘bad behavior’ If we listen, maybe we will see its our lack of clarity or understanding in what the horse is trying to tell us, maybe we need to change our request and be clear.

This was my lovely Noo noo as a young horse, trying to tell me I needed to change, learn to listen in a way I never had before. I tried the route of Dominance, I was told it was ‘leadership’ and respect was needed.
I soon realised that road was not for me, it was not my answer. I chose the road for us which was learning how horses communicate, and how I could communicate with them in a safe way, without dominance, I don’t believe horses understand dominance, they understand clear communication. Now I don’t need to ask for leadership or respect. We communicate, maybe my horses see me as a leader, maybe as a friend, part of our family/herd. Maybe they respect me or maybe we have an understanding of mutual respect, or regard for each other, acknowledging each other as different species who can have Clarity, I will be clear and say “here I am Noons this is me ,all of me nothing hidden” and I will listen, and now I see all of her, I feel like I really know who my horse is.

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