falling in love every day.

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Every day, I go to my horses, I feed them, clean the stables, get their hay, groom them and pick their feet.
The most important part for me is the hello, first meeting that day. A new day and I fall in love with my horses all over again.

There is a song on the radio at the moment and the lyrics have a line something like this..
” I fall in love just little oh a little bit every day with someone new”
This tune plays in my head when I hear it, this line sums up my start to the day. I do not know how the relationship may have evolved with my horses,sometimes it takes a leap forward, sometimes back, sometimes the same. I don’t know how they will feel today, who will they be ?
I treat them like a new friend and we always fall in love a bit more every day. I make it my job to treat them with respect, earn their trust, be present to who they are today, I don’t take it for granted that things went so well yesterday that it will be the same today. I am not thinking about how they will be tomorrow, I owe them the present moment that’s what they give me. That’s how sometimes I feel the connection and they call to me before I have taken more than a few steps outside my door. When this happens its a gift and an honour, but I will still greet them as a new horse, maybe one who is even more in my heart, more connected and me in hers.
I once wondered if horses feel love, but I am sure they have an emotional attachment and connection that I would call love.

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