My Horses love to learn.They can have their own ideas and be creative.

I think we all enjoy different things with horses, when my horse Noo noo was young I felt I had to take her out on rides and show her the world, take her out in the trailer to group lessons and different places. As we have grown together I have found the things she enjoys, she likes riding, schooling and Liberty and she loves to learn, she is a very quick learner and tries so hard to grasp what I am asking of her. I know her naturally crooked body needs the correct physical work to keep her sound and supple. However her mind and her intelligent nature also needs to have fun and be given challenges. It insures that I have to try to be creative and think up new things to try, sometimes Noo noo has her own ideas about what we could try next, this is her being creative, which in a different situation could be seen as wrong, some people don’t like their horse to have their own ideas, I love to hear her ideas. Here is one of them, we have been seeing if we can be very calm and neutral not bringing the energy ‘up’ before something that needs energy, she offered this one day, just as I thought well I wonder if we could? We do have fun, playing with her ideas as well as mine, and sometimes, I am not sure if I make it seem like her idea or she makes it seem like mine. Mares do love to think its their idea. Starting from calmness and even keeping that feeling through different things that need more energy and only used to be offered by bringing energy ‘up’ is proving fun to try.

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