Do you have Goals and what would you do to reach them?

We live in a busy world, sometimes our time and energy is limited. When we have time to be with our horses should we set goals? have dreams of what we would like to achieve with them?

I have thought about this often and when I do have a goal I have worried that the goal will become the main thought in my mind, it might distract me from what is happening right now with my horse. I have found that its ok for me to have these goals but that time with my horses is precious, I want to enjoy the freedom of reacting to what is happening right now , this minute.

Not to allow that goal to limit me. Its liberating to know there is no hurry no pressure to perform. Only we can decide not to allow this pressure.

My new horse Maya has shown me that this is very true for her, if I have an agenda very often she will show me resistance, I have to forget thinking about what I would like to achieve long term and work with what she is presenting to me today, this very minute.

I have to find the right state for me to be in to find harmony with her, horses want harmony and when we bring conflict in the form of our end goal instead the journey we will take together to reach it, and enjoying every moment within that journey, it feels wrong for them.

SAM_0694Having some goals helps me to stay focused, when we feel the skies turning grey and the winter approaching it can be hard to feel the same enthusiasm we felt in the summer. I just have to keep my goals in their place, not sacrifice the journey to travel to reach them, and the pure pleasure of being with my horse. When I can go to my horse putting my goals aside and enjoying the steps we take together to reach them, being happy with where ever we are right now, surprisingly those goals get closer untill suddenly they are offered to you. SAM_0780

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