Why do I choose freedom.

I choose to interact with my horses at liberty. I have started my relationship with Maya at liberty. Why would I do this?

It lets them have the chance to communicate to me, if I use tack first how does that give my horse the freedom of choice I have promised her. I have promised my horses they have a choice. If they choose something inappropriate it doesn’t mean I will stand by and allow rudeness, but it gives me the chance to question why I got a certain response. What they get to do is do what horses are so good at, they tell the truth! I just have to be able to listen. Every day I re-new my vows with my horses, I always start with liberty, it allows me to build on the truth they are telling today, I can say great we are in harmony today all is well.  Or if I need to, I can build up the conversation with my horse in a way she understands. We can continue to grow our relationship.

I do use tack, but I love to know its with consent, I love the fact my horse has chosen me and has no need to feel trapped. she had a choice and could communicate the truth. By starting with the tack first I have denied her that chance and also denied myself the chance to hear her.To hear what she has to say today. In Freedom.

Horses know the difference between wearing a halter and rope and freedom. They know they can’t leave you, escape your influence, so how can they communicate the truth. When they do they are labelled difficult or dangerous. So mostly they oblige us, they are very obliging beings. I would rather feel true consent and choice, no obligation. Freedom of speech. It may take me longer to start with but I have no doubt, when that relationship is strong and honest it is so rewarding.


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