Horses know themselves. They enjoy showing us too if we are ready.

From late August and through to October the girls have had a bit of a holiday, I had one too. We (the girls and I) have really been enjoying our time together, growing bonds and building deeper trust as we get back together. Also for Noo noo getting back what Carolyn Resnick calls ‘the gas pedal’. After her holiday her gas pedal had further dwindled, she was getting her winter coat. she was over weight, It looked like it may be difficult to retrieve. The once ferrari had become a family saloon!! The advice I had, resonated so loudly, and it seemed by losing the gas pedal some of the joy had gone too. I came back from my trip to California with many new things and I would say a different perspective.

Thankfully due to this  guidance and Carolyns methods at liberty, we have been able to restore the gas pedal , and she is now so keen to show me that its working! Liberty really does do a lot of the work for you in creating a great riding horse. Its the best foundation. Today was the third time I have ridden Noo noo since the hols and wow working on that advice to restore the gas pedal has had an even greater effect than I could have thought. NOO NOO KNOWS WHO SHE IS  she knows she is a powerful, proud Lusitano and sadly that had faded, today she wanted to show me herself again and offered far more than I would have asked for, I just go with what is happening and thoughts of me being ” riding rusty ” dissolved I celebrated how it felt to be alive and joyful, together again. Afterwards we spend some time together, at liberty, how we started, even if we have found the right moment to end, we still like to be together just a bit longer.

Forgive the terrible filming, it was only going to be for me to check just how rusty I was, looking forward to feedback from Joyce soon!!

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