Not having anything worth saying.

I have not written a blog through most of the winter,

I really didn’t have anything to say. I have found this winter particularly tough for some reason, its been very wet here. I do believe if nothing inspires me to write its best to keep quiet.

Now there is just the merest hint of spring on the way, I feel more energy and am looking forward , as always, to learning , growing and deepening the relationships and communication I share with my horses.

This is the first year my horses have not been clipped or rugged, it was something that just happened. They kind of told me they didn’t need them,  many times I reached for a rug and they looked perfectly happy, they felt warm. They grew thicker coats and rolled in the mud.

We have been ‘ticking over’ through this winter and working with what the girls and I felt like doing together. With Maya its been all about deepening the Bond, trust and connection. Improving her focus and letting her have fun. Maya loves Liberty and is so much fun, expressing herself often. Maya is also enjoying some ground work . I think she has found that learning can be fun. We did an introduction to spooky things ( great in windy winter weather!) which for this once, big spooker was actually a lot of fun and really easy. I do believe it was because we have built up trust between us.She looks to me now for comfort from stress instead of ‘running from it’ Maya has found changes of direction, ‘exciting’ when first asked she would leap and make a really big deal of it. Here we are improvising, having fun and changing direction.




With Noons I have been riding, trying to keep her supple, happy, connected and working within what a hairy non clipped horse can do. It has surprised me that, that is more than I imagined. She did get sweaty sometimes but really didn’t seem to mind, a roll in the sand and mud and she was happy. Of course we still play at liberty a lot, her favorite things are Liberty and Riding. We do some ground work and in hand work too but they are not her top things to do. I always enjoy doing what my horses enjoy too. At liberty we have worked on more energy and willingness to go forward. Also not falling in, whatever lessons we learn at liberty seem to carry forward effortlessly to riding and always help. Here are some of the basics that we practice, with the consent of my horse.

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