Getting back in the groove.

Joyce Mulder my friend and trainer for the last 4 years has just been over from Holland.

What an incredible few sessions we had, at last not on frozen ground. I have had good advice from Carolyn Resnick also to get my horse Noo noo moving forward more and covering the ground, this has been our focus at liberty,  Joyce had told me she needed to get fitter and so since the last lessons this has been in my mind.

Maya did some work on mounting and finding calmness when things don’t go as expected. We worked on me rubbing my boot on her bum as if I had got on badly, and clapping and throwing myself over her back. She was brilliant and I loved laying over her with my arms around her neck.

Here is my lovely girl, covering the ground! She ended the following lesson with the same forwardness but even improved on this and came up through the withers more. We love learning together.


We also worked on Noo noo’s canter, this has always been her worst pace and she found it difficult. The energy we created in the trot really helped and I have been doing lots of transitions within canter to have her more forward and then more collected. Also changes of direction with some steps of counter canter have helped. This is something again that has been helped by liberty work. 10578709_1143470489020366_727999850_n12071775_1143470459020369_1051458863_n (1)

Finding different speeds of walk, trot and Canter has really helped . It felt wonderful.

The relationship we share has been so important, she wants to please me and trusts me, she knows I will never use force, but if I ask “Come on I reckon we can do this” she will give it her all.

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