The magic elder wand and 11 cows.


This is my magic wand, today it moved 11 cows from a field they were very happy in. If you don’t know cows they can be pretty stubborn. They had, or rather a calf ( little blackie) had demolished an electric fence I couldn’t mend it and the horses were the other side, I had been with the horses when I spotted this. I made my way over to the fence taking my twig/ reed with me. I thought the horses may think I was going to move the fence to give them more grass, sometimes I have to send them away, so I thought my magic wand might be useful they are very polite and will move if I swish the air with it.

The horses stayed put, I knew I would have to get the cows through a gate into the next field, 2 were laying down , the rest were happily tucking in to the grass.

I started to move them, Bernard is my lead cow so I moved her and her daughter Daisy towards the gate, going back to collect others, Lovely an older cow was still laying down, this is where learning the waterhole rituals with Carolyn Resnick continued to pay off, I employed Carolyns ‘head up’ exercise it was more ‘cow up’. It worked!

As I was able to calmly influence all 11 of them across the field towards the gate, I thought about many a local farmer who I have seen, shouting ” Go on girl!!”and smacking his cows rumps. A big smile came over me as I pictured them seeing me with my twig using body language and influence to move 11 cows all by myself. All done calmly, no shouting and no smacking. As they all got closer to the gate, I went up to Bernard scratched her favorite spot ( under her neck) and she walked with me to the gate she let me know she knew what I was trying to do and led the whole herd through.

I would strongly recommend any farmer to take Carolyns online course and learn about Leading from behind. Cows also give a lovely hello.and companion walk.Some you can sit on at liberty! Being able to influence speed and direction. knowing when to pause and when to set my intentions to different parts of their bodies meant I didn’t need a magic wand, just the waterhole rituals. Of course the waterhole rituals also give you a magical relationship with horses.

big bun


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