Who are you? in the eyes of your horse.

Have you ever wondered how your horse see’s you? We all have lots of feelings about our horses, some people love to put a label on their horse. He’s introvert or extrovert or he’s lazy, strong, stubborn.  Really shouldn’t we just see him as a completely unique individual.

We are also unique individuals, when we know ourselves, are happy in our own skin, and know who we are, we become more like our horse. He knows who he is.

How does he see you?  Horses make strong bonds with each other, they love their best buddies in the field. They enjoy the company of them. Does your horse seek out your company?

My horses have bought many lessons to me, I have to be the person they would choose to be with, the person they feel safe with, someone who is focused, clear, considers them and their needs, and above all can lead. Horses love to feel safe, they feel safe with the herd leader, he is the horse who will make good decisions and requests, much like we need to.

To build a relationship where your horse follows your lead from choice, you need to start with a bond, if your horse follows you because you have a pocket full of treats, he is not connected to you he follows the food. Who does this make you in his eyes, a vending machine maybe ? If he follows you because the alternative will be pressure, does he see you as the master of a slave ?

I care very much how my horses see me, I want to be the person they choose as a leader, the person they are magnetically drawn to because they can depend on me. Also as a friend a buddy in their herd who they can play with, learn with, have fun with, and through their choice be guided by.

Its much like the teacher at school who demanded respect, no one respected him! others just showed up as that person who it was given to.

The leaders within horses herds are like that they show up ready to lead. How will you show up for your horse today?

I recently had the wonderful experience of another clinic with Linda Salinas, Linda has helped me greatly, on a personal level to see the leader I can be. The group of people who came together for this clinic was very special. Having a large group like this and many admin duties was not something I have ever sort to take on,  however when I met Linda 3 years ago,  I knew I wanted her to come over from USA . Growing into this role as a leader has helped me enormously with this task, life , humans and horses.

This is a very shaky first go at video from my phone, it does show how connected Noo noo is to me, she match’s my footfalls, mirrors me, and keeps the same speed and direction, through the connection we share.

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