A message from Noo noo.

My beautiful mare Noo noo has shown me recently that, even though I thought we were as close as you could be, our relationship is still growing. Its always evolving, like marriage. I have been married for 30 years and its got better with time. We have learnt to communicate better, to listen better and even when we have ups and downs they both grow the bond. Now, am I talking about a relationship with a human or a horse? Sound pretty similar don’t they.

The working relationship I have with Noo noo is always based on trying to be the best I can be for her and working as a team. Recently Joyce came and helped us with riding and some ground work, she encouraged me to just ask a bit more, at first Noo noo wasn’t sure she could do what I was asking, but I had faith in her and in Joyce. I wasn’t asking for something I didn’t think she was capable of doing, she just didn’t know she could. This is where the relationship feels so important, the bond we share means she will try for me, the communication is also important, and by being too subtle I made her unsure, when I was more clear she got it!

This brings me to a blog of Linda Salinas. Recently she shared a taster of some podcasts she will do. Called’ Horse Tails’ Linda was in conversation with Carolyn Resnick. A dream come true for me to hear them talk together about horses.

The subject of what language we use when talking about our horse came up. Do we say we are working with, or playing with our horse. This one I have pondered over too. I agree with all that was said and its good to think about it. There is no perfect word. Sometimes it feels like Being in communion with, sometimes in conversation with, in a dance with, in a relationship building moment. Leadership building moment and even confidence giving moment. There so many different ways we interact with horses. Picking the right moment to allow, to influence and to ask is the big one. The better I can become at this, the better person I will be for my horse.Then I know that our relationship is going to get even better!

This is a snippet of Noo noo and I ‘working’ but with a playful feel to it. We have been working on the very beginnings of Spanish walk this is about our 6th try. and also having an influence at greater distance.

Here is a link to Lindas blog. Please enjoy hearing her podcast. Thanks as always to Carolyn, linda, and Joyce. Oh and of course my horses.




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