Lunging, is a tricky one. Done badly, with the wrong intent, it can be damaging.

There truly is an art to lunging, I am just beginning to really appreciate this. The person on the end of that line has to be in command of his/herself, we have to have the skills to lunge correctly, we have to have the best interests of our horse in our heart. Be connected to our horse, ourselves, and have a clear picture of what is physically and mentally of benefit. Keeping these things in my mind has helped me with lunging.

Often with a green horse and handler or someone who intends to ‘make’ their horse lunge, you can see conflict between the horse and human. Using all manor of equipment to help control the horse starts to creep in. They are often tied down and the whole downward spiral of wanting to ‘control’ escalates.

For me I start at liberty, then when I add tack it becomes a channel of communication. Its a refinement, not something used to ‘force’ anything.

I continue to strive to improve my skills, if I come to my horses with my mind ,body and spirit all working together, with a sense of love for my horses and myself. They know, and they are generous and willing enough to let me practice with them.

Here we are working on improving communication and connection.

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