Finding our song.

Connecting with horses, different with every horse and for all of us. One set of ingredients might fit for one horse and not another.  I have had to enter a voyage of discovery together with Maya to find our unique recipe, a voyage Noo noo started and continues with me, but one that needed Maya to help me find our song, our unique vibration. the tune and the ingredients for us. This meant more than training methods, it has been a year of self discovery for both of us. Finding our song.

Noo noo and I have our song and its unique, its our connection.

Maya and I have found ours too, we are still discovering each other and learning, but we have our unique vibration and connection now, our song. Thank you Carolyn Resnick for being part of that journey also Linda Salinas and Kerri Lake for helping and supporting and sometimes nudging me the right way or just sharing with me and sending me love.This video is for you. I hope everyone who reads this will enter the journey of self discovery, of course this continues for me, but boy am I glad it started.

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