Maya truly becomes the teacher.


MAYA “Now listen, I know you are the more experienced one but this obsession with carrots is going to get you into trouble with her”

Here is a story about what the girls had to show me today, and also how a call of nature can be turned into a lesson from one horse to another.

Both girls are in the arena, we are sharing territory, I am enjoying a coffee and observing.

Maya moves Noo noo easily from her hay, Noons keeps her eye on Maya and on me. She goes for a roll, Maya ignores her, they continue munching, Maya goes for a roll, on the same spot, Noons almost seizes the chance to have a go, she has a little fly past and thinks better of it. This alone says a lot. Maya had no need to stop Noons rolling she already knew she could move her.

I move over to the far side and check out the nettles blowing in the wind, the cows in the field and generally survey the scene. Maya joins me.

I say hello to both girls and they take turns to either come for a walk or sometimes be moved from one pile of hay to another, Noons tries to block Maya and I ,she will get in the way, so I ask her to leave. She is not happy about that, convinced that if Maya is with me she just might get all the carrots. While I am walking with Maya I still have an eye on Noons, she can do whatever she likes except steel those carrots. She makes her move, but I chase her off, we continue,… not convinced I  might miss it, as I am with Maya she tries again. This time I chase her off and influence her to keep going. Maya is just watching, she never tries to get the carrots.

Oh dear, nature calls ( the coffee) I have to leave the arena for a moment, about to climb back through the fence, I see Noons making her move on those carrots, I go to run along the fence but Maya is already onto it, she chases Noo noo from the carrots. HOWEVER, Maya doesn’t eat the carrots, she looks at me, Noons is looking at both of us in dismay. I call Maya to me, away from the carrots and she walks around with me and I take her back to the carrots and give her the jackpot. Noo noo is left processing that one, with no carrot.

Poor Noons she just loves carrots sooo much. After I put them out I walked along with her on the way to the field, she is happy to be with me, we stop together and I pick some juicy grass for her, horses really don’t bear grudges. I should add that when we are alone Noons would never try to steel carrots and will politely walk past them with me. Was she testing my focus?

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