The Shift in the horse world.

Can you feel it? I know many of the people I meet these days through horses can.

There is a shift of consciousness within the equestrian world, more like minded people are coming together, joining groups on facebook or meeting on the web, attending clinics with those who would teach a ‘different’ way.

Many of us are spreading the word of a different approach, one where there is respect and gratitude for the horse, one where we are learning to listen to the horses.

As this consciousness grows so do we , we become infectious, we start to infect others with our love for the horse and his welfare. I am so excited to see where this goes.

Why was there such an outcry this year against the wrongful training of some dressage horses at the Olympics ? There is more awareness. The unsound methods have been there for years but there is such a huge collective consciousness wanting better standards its snowballing.

Thank you to all those people who are making a difference, there are many of you, teaching different things, in different ways, sharing experiences and all doing it for the good of the horse.

People are sharing lots of choices in welfare, different treatments and about how we can improve the conditions our horses live in and sharing kinder training methods.

Shout it out, and share all the better ways to be.

The magical thing is when we take this approach, its not just the horses that benefit.

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