Come over for a cup of tea.


Today my Mum and My Uncle came over for a cup of tea, neither are ‘horsey’.

My Mum is 82yrs old and my Uncle 77yrs old. It seems you are never to old to enjoy the company of horses. The sun was shining and they had both said they were interested in the way horses influence my life now. Many of my family love to see that I can be with my horses wanting nothing from them. They all feel the sense of peace horses can bring to us, when they spend time with them.



It also seems my horses are getting very good at showing others how to take time out and have a peaceful moment in your day. They really have become ambassadors for the horse.

Showing how when you are willing they will connect with you. My Uncle is a very active person living in an urban environment but he found some moments of peace, he commented on how tranquil it was just to sit with a horse in beautiful countryside, have a cup of tea and just ‘be’.




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