A new teacher appears, when we are ready.


Working at liberty with my horses and developing my relationship with them has bought me many unexpected experiences.

Working on my own self development, becoming more aware of my own presence, has shown me, this is one of the most important things we can do, to become  more available, for our horses communication with us. They can appear as a new teacher for us at any time.

My dear friend and one of my mentors Linda Salinas is an animal communicator, she did a communication with Maya, I was present and I could feel the energy, relief and peace. Since that day it’s as if Maya knows humans can hear her more clearly. She knows I am listening more carefully. Another person who has influenced me to dance my dance is Kerri Lake and she wrote a brilliant book called listen like a horse, I have read it many times and it always makes me smile. I thought I understood the title, at first its meaning for me was, listen without judgement, over time it has come to mean much more.

I have practiced being more and more aware of my own presence, my horses are aware of who they are, they have been trying to communicate with me since we first met. They are aware of their own presence. They are masters of communicating and functioning from this state.

I would love to share with you, an experience I had with Maya.  Here is what happened……..

I am sitting in the sunshine enjoying being with Maya, listening to the end of a podcast, then tuning in to my body, my breath, my presence, my personal vibration. Maya comes up, she has been grazing, 15 mins or so have passed, she sniffs me all over, There is no need to stop her, she is as gentle as a horse could be. She stands over me, for some time.

Something tells me to get up, but it’s not to do anything just to stand up. I shut my eyes, look for a state of being receptive and ready to hear what might come next.  There is a pulling sensation, a strong pull towards Maya, its like a tractor beam in a  science fiction film. Such a strong draw, I start to fall forwards and open my eyes to stay upright.  It feels like pure magnetic energy pulling me. After a few minutes, Maya starts to release in her jaw and it disappears.

I just stand, a bit stunned. I ask what it was about, what I get back is, this is how it feels to be so drawn to another horse. This is how we connect,  you cannot leave, and it feels like you are so wanted, just for you. It felt like that to me, I couldn’t leave and wouldn’t have wanted to.

I was unable to do anything after this so I let Maya out to more grass and sat down with her. As she was grazing, I could still feel how she was so aware of our connection and of herself, her spirit, essence, presence, consciousness, what ever you care to call it. She helped to show me how she can truly multi task, staying in a state of pure self awareness that horses have but still able to eat grass, and connect with me.

This was such a huge gift from Maya to show me this, it felt like she was showing me how a mare and her foal feel together, she also showed me I can stay in a state of awareness and still carry out other functions, just like a horse. Listening like a horse!

I feel a magnetic connection with all of my horses but its been me leading it, then they connect and its feels mutual, never as strong as this. I know  I can continue to grow our connection and listen more and more to the lessons from my horses. The saying when the pupil is ready the teacher appears could not be more true, my horses keep showing up with new lessons when I am ready. They become a new teacher every day.

Enjoy the lessons and messages from your horses. Just Listen like a horse.




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