Spontaneity and patterns.

This week I decided to video a pattern, it was the four leaf clover pattern. I had gone through this with someone who I am unable to get out to very often due to the distance.

I had said I would dig out a video of it, only to find its one of the few things I have never filmed. When I think about it that is no surprise as I don’t like to repeat patterns too much.

My horses pick them up very quickly, then they start to know what is coming next, not always good. I have used sequences of movements with in- hand work, I discovered it could easily kill the enthusiasm in my horse. For this reason I can barely repeat a ‘pattern’ more than a couple of times if I want to keep things fresh. Its been a big lesson, to know when enough is enough, I am still learning.

Both the girls had done the four leaf clover pattern before, its a useful thing,  Its very good for checking your horse will move away and then back. ( send and draw).

Everything with horses is a balance and to keep the balance after doing this, I just hung out with my horses today, asking nothing of them, then I decided to bring the spontaneous joy back! That is what is missing in performing a pattern, it’s A PATTERN, its not spontaneous. I had just been writing something about liberty for a presentation, I had written that… ” Dancing with your horse, lifts the spirits of you both!” Thankfully it came into my mind.

I blasted the music up and revved up the engine,  I don’t work both girls together yet with this much energy and Maya seemed really keen to go first today.

Here is a little peak of some of what happened, the video camera was still out so just enough juice left to film Maya unfortunately it was flat when it came to Noon’s turn. Once she realised it was fun time she was anything but flat! I did unfortunately turn the camera on ‘spontaneously’ and its all a bit crooked.

The girls showed me today, if you switch us off by working in patterns, even if it’s done willingly and at liberty, you better get some good tunes on and switch on again! Noons was dancing to Jess Glynne. My Grandaughters love her! and a bit of country. But with Maya we went for India Arie.


Shame about the poor quality video, I think next thing on my list of things to save for is a new camera. She is a big girl to keep up with!  and finds this very exciting at first. Lots of Spanish moves, but the engine was back on. We had fun and coming in from the field she ran straight up to me this afternoon. Horses are such good teachers showing us when the balance needs adjusting.  I just have to remember to notice , listen and know when to Raise the spirits!.

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